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Amerikaner, Susan. It's O.K. to Say No to Drugs!
Boston Women's Health Book Collective. Ourselves and Our Children .

Cherlin, Andrew J. Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage.
Clogrove, Melba, Harold H. Bloomfield & Peter… How to Survive the Loss of Love.
Eichenbaum, Luise & Susie Orbach. What Do Women Want.
Fallaci, Oriana. Letter to an Unborn Child.
Fenn, Geraldine G. What Are Children Saying?
Friday, Nancy . My Mother, My Self.
Goldberg, Herb. New Male-Female Relationship.
Gordon, Sol & Judith. Raising a Child Conservatively in Sexually Permissive World.
Kranitz, Martin A . Getting Together Apart.
Kriesberg, Louis. Mothers in Poverty.
Lara, Adair. Welcome to Earth, Mom.
Leonard, Linda Schierse. The Wounded Woman.
Lerner, Harriet G. Dance of Anger.
Mastrich, Dr. Jim with Birnes, Bill. Strong Enough For Two.
McBride, Angela Barron. Living with Contradictions: A Married Feminist.
New Zealand Foundation for Peace. Extending Peaceful Relationships.
NOVA. The Pinks and Blues .
Peck, Ellen & Judith Senderowitz. Pronatalism: The Myth of Mom and Apple Pie.
Peterson, Nancy L . Ever Single Woman: Life Without Marriage.
Pinaire, Joanne & Marcia Hogan. Montana Divorce Handbook.
Robinson, Duke. Too Nice For Your Own Good.
Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood. So You Don't Want to be a Sex Object.
Roe, Dorothy . The Trouble with Men is Men.

Roiphe, Anne. Fruitful.

Rubin, Nancy. The New Suburban Woman.
Schlegel, Alice . Male Dominance and Female Autonomy.
Schor, Juliet B. Born To Buy.
Schor, Juliet B. The Overspent American.
Schor, Juliet B. The Overworked American.
Shain, Merle . When Lovers are Friends.
Silber, Kathleen & Phylis Speedlin. Dear Birthmother: The Book about Open Adoption.
Simenauer, Jacqueline & David Carroll. Singles.
Stearn, Jess. Soulmates.
Vaughan, Diane. Uncoupling.


Armstrong, Jane M. Women in Mathematics: An Overview.
Bleier, Ruth. Science and Gender: A Critique of Biology and Its Theories on…
Carson, Rachel. Silent Spring.
Florence, Pamela. Northwest Women in Science: A Role Model Guidebook.
Gornick, Vivian. Women in Science: 100 Journeys into the Territory.
Harding, Sandra. Whose Science? Whose Knowledge?
Keller, Evelyn Fox. Reflections on Gender and Science.
Keller, Evelyn Fox. Secrets of Life, Secrets of Death: Essays on Language, Gender and…
Langbort, Carol & Virginia Thompson. Building Success in Math.
Malcolm, Shirley, M, et al. Double Bind: The Price of Being a Minority Woman in Science.
Morgan, Elaine. The Descent of Woman.
Rossiter, Margaret W. Women Scientists in America : Volume 1: Struggles and…
Rossiter, Margaret W. Women Scientists in America : Volume 2: Before Affirmative…
Smith, Judy. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something…
Turkle, Sherry. Second Self: Computers and the Human Spirit.
Women's International Bulletin. International Women and New Technology Conference.


Adams, Caren & Jennifer Fay. Free of the Shadows.
Bart, Pauline B. & Patricia H. O'Brien. Stopping Rape: Successful Survival Strategies.
Bass, Ellen & Louise Thorton . I Never Told Anyone.
Buchwald, Emilie, Pamela Fletcher. Transforming a Rape Culture.
Buchwald, Emilie, Pamela Fletcher. Transforming a Rape Culture.
Butler, Sandra. Conspiracy of Silence: The Trauma of Silence.
Connell, Noreen & Cassandra Wilson (eds). Rape: The First Sourcebook for Women.
Dworkin, Andrea. Woman Hating.
Griffin, Susan. Pornography and Silence: Culture's Revenge Against Nature.
Gubar, Susan & Joan Hoff. For Adult Users Only: The Dilemma of Violent Pornography.
Levy, Barrei. Dating Violence: Young Women in Danger.
Lew, Mike. Victims No Longer: Men Recovering from Incest and Other…
Maltz, Wendy. Sexual Healing Journey: A Guide for Survivors of Sexual Abuse.
McEnvoy, Alan W. & Jeff Brookings. If She is raped: A Book for Husbands, Fathers and Male Friends.
McNaron, Toni A. H. & Yarrow Morgan. Voices in the Night: Women Speaking About Incest.
Medea, Andrea & Kathleen Thompson. Against Rape: A Survival Manual for Women: How to Avoid…
Miedzian, Myriam . Boys Will Be Boys: Breaking the Link between Masculinity and…
NiCarthy, Ginny. Getting Free: A Handbook for Women in Abusive Relationships.
OURS. OURS Journal (The Choice is Ours).
Poston, carol & Karen Lison. Reclaiming Our Lives: Hope for Adult Survivors of Incest.
Powell, Elizabeth . Talking Back to Sexual Pressure: What To Say.
Russell, Diana E. H . Against Pornography: The Evidence of Harm.
Russell, Diana E. H. Making Violence Sexy: Feminist Views on Pornography.
Russell, Diana E. H. Rape in Marriage.
Schuchter, Arnold. Child Abuse Intervention/
Schwendinger, Julie R. & Herman Schwendinger. Rape and Inequality.
Soble, Alan. Pornography: Marxism, Feminism and the Future of Sexuality.
Sonkin, Daniel J, Del Martin, & Lenore E. A. Male Batterer: A Treatment Approach.
Sproles, Elijah Thomas. Evaluation and Management of Rape and Sexual Abuse…
Taylor, Joelle & Tracey Chandler. Lesbians Talk: Violent Relationships.
US Department of Labor. CASA: New Directions, A Program Model fro Battered Women.
Walker, Lenore E. The Battered Woman.
Weems, Renita J. Battered Love.


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